Inspiring and sustaining behaviour change in health and wellbeing using Personalised Video messages

Create & share your personalised #MyThankYouVideo

Think of people or companies that you would like to thank for their fight against COVID 19 and create your individual and personal thank you video for each one.

Creating a personal story that resonates and nudges people towards positive action

We specialise in creating, developing, and implementing tailored, targeted Personalised Video Messaging to address specific strategic, health, behavioural, organisational and economic KPIs; increasing citizen/patient participation, strengthening the patient/clinician relationship, improving health outcomes and realising cost efficiencies.

Personalised videos

Content about ME and MY health and care needs

Right place, right time

Delivered in an easily accessible form when I most need it – at key moments of choice

Two way conversation

Harnessing the power of digital technology to develop a two way conversation


Real time analytics for engagement and action to inform adjustments activity

Personalised Video Messages during

The content for Personalised Video Messages can be dynamically updated in both audio and visual content, to reflect the speed at which public advice may be required to change.

For example:

  • Providing TRUSTED and up-to-date advice on local implementation of public policy
  • Connecting people to services being established to address people’s health and well-being 
  • Supporting people who are self-isolating, acknowledging the efforts people are making over time, helping them to not feel forgotten and providing advice and connections to support people with issues around mental health, fatigue or boredom.

Use cases

Promoting health checks
Type 2 Diabetes Self Management


"The NHS long term plan speaks of personalisation and patient centred care. This service captures the essence of the long-term plan but also pushes it to a new level."

- Victoria Parker, Programme Leader for London Diabetes Clinical Network

"Has the power to empower patients."

- Director of Public Health

"Will build trust between clinician and patient."

- GP

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